About CDA

A Unique Syllabus Of A Fusion Of Martial Arts Including American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate and Taekwondo / Karate.

CDA was founded from our passion to access all areas of martial arts and to offer our students a unique blend of techniques and training from around the globe. By being open to the full spectrum of martial arts you quickly notice the similarities and not the differences in the many different styles. Cross-training allows you to fully explore your own potential as a martial artist without limitations. We want students interested in exploring their own style, and by exposing them to an array of traditional and non-traditional training we aim to develop them into rounded, confident and skilled individuals.

Head Instructor

Lee Trunks

Lee Trunks - Head instructor Lee is Founder of Combined Defensive Arts and instructs at the CDA Academy. Lee has been studying martial arts since he was a child and has been instructing since 2008. Lee started training in Judo and Karate, moved onto Kickboxing and Taekwondo achieving his second Dan Black Belt under master Willie Lim. Lee's recent study has been in the arts of Panantukan / Kali /JKD, and is an affiliate instructor in Ghost fighting. Lee has won Scottish and English titles in semi contact sparring in Taekwondo and also semi contact kickboxing wins.